Time to recover

The sunshine hits me, the breeze blew before now it’s stopped.
Yesterday I wasn’t well. Bad thoughts have seized me and I fell…I repented,I felt guilty but it’s idiocy. It’s time to recover, to act. In these days I’ve known why I restrict, why I wanted to kill me. I can’t express my emoction. Food was my outburst, my way to show the pain I feel. I don’t care nothing to be slim, but from when I was a child, problems attacked me and I learnt to hate myself. The unique thing I must do now it’s to accept myself and pull out my feelings. I believe in me. Life is one, and I don’t want to waste it. I’m alive, I’ll be strong.
Everybody could wonder about how important it’s our life.
Recovery worth it, don’t throw away even a second.
It’s time to recover.




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